June 26th - 29th, 2014

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

CDSG Reception!

2013 Results

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Now Flies into Denver!!!

Event Director: Kay Bryan

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A UCWDC Fully Sanctioned, Worlds Qualifying Event

- Fully Sanctioned U.C.W.D.C. Contest

- All Divisions of U.C.W.D.C. offered! Pro-Am, Couples, Teams & Line Dance

- Pro-Am and Strictly -- Swing, Hustle, Night-Club & Salsa

- Classic/Showcase West Coast divisions!

- WSDC Jack & Jill - All divisions Offered! Including All-Stars!

- World Famous Thursday Night Club Crawl

- Fantastic Saturday Night Dinner Show

- Two GIANT Video Screens

- Expanded TOP TEACHER Program

- C.D.S.G Judge Review Hospitality Session

- World Class Workshops

Featured Swing Couple for 2014:

Gary McIntyre & Susan Kirklin -- 2nd Place 2013 US Open



VIP Swing &
Country Lineup

So Far

  • Gary Jobst
  • Gary McIntyre
  • Susan Kirklin
  • Chelsea Spika
  • Trevor Spika
  • Michael Eads
  • Manny Viarrial
  • Ginger Pickerel
  • Bob Tucker
  • John Piper
  • Luis Crespo
  • Jennifer Pasetes
  • Joanna Meinl
  • Anastasia Tsimbidis
  • Troy Reed
  • Angie Bryan
  • Keri McLean
  • Shane McIntyre
  • Brady O’Dell
  • Patrick Toepel
  • Lisa Toepel
  • Brandon Gautreaux
  • Aly Yorek
    Kat Carstensen
  • Jo Thompson Szymanski

  • Mike Wagner
  • Melissa Jefferier
  • Mike Zuspan
  • Colleen Concannon
  • Jeremy Bryan
  • Toby Munroe
  • Monty Ham
  • Kristin Ham
  • Penny LaLonde
  • Aaron Lorenzen
  • Tiffany Lorenzen
  • Bob Wheatley
  • Carmen Mattei
  • Marnie Mattei
  • Sandra Adams
  • Blake Christopherson
  • Daniel Harshberger
  • Maryann Harvey
  • Craig Johnson
  • Joan Lundahl
  • Roy Johnson
  • Sharon Johnson
  • Stuart Palmer
  • Travis Wright
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